Funding Opportunities

Doctoral Dissertation Grants

The sponsor provides funding that is intended to support worthy applicants who have advanced to candidacy in their doctoral programs and whose dissertation research plans address topics that TIRF has prioritized. For Doctoral Dissertation Research Grants, US $5,000 is the maximum award. Read More »

Funding Opportunities: Building Healthy Teen Relationships

The sponsor provides support for the creation and evaluation of comprehensive community-based models of prevention that aim to decrease relationship violence and increase positive, protective relationship skills. Up to eight geographically and ethnically diverse sites will receive up to $250,000 per year for up to forty-eight months. Read More »

Funding Opportunities: Full-Service Community Schools Program

Full-service community schools provide comprehensive academic, social, mental, physical, and vocational programs and services to meet individual, family, and community needs. This priority will support projects that propose to establish, through collaborative efforts among State and local agencies, community service organizations, and parents, full-service community schools offering a range of student services. Read More »

Funding in Special Education: Disability Rehabilitation Research Projects (DRRPs)

The purpose of the DRRP program is to improve the effectiveness of services authorized under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, by developing methods, procedures, and rehabilitation technologies that advance a wide range of independent living and employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities, especially individuals with the most severe disabilities. Read More »

Funding in Physical Education: Carol M. White Physical Education Program

Support is provided to initiate, expand, or enhance physical education programs, including after-school programs, for students in one or more grades from kindergarten through 12th grade in order to help students make progress toward meeting State standards for physical education. Read More »