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Funding in Special Education: Disability Rehabilitation Research Projects (DRRPs)

February 27, 2008 in Funding Opportunities

Program Number: 95832
Title: Disability Rehabilitation Research Projects (DRRPs)
Vocational Rehabilitation Service Models for Individuals with Autism
Spectrum Disorders

Sponsor: Office of Special Education & Rehabilitative
Services/Department of Education

The purpose of the DRRP program is to improve the effectiveness of
services authorized under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended,
by developing methods, procedures, and rehabilitation technologies
that advance a wide range of independent living and employment
outcomes for individuals with disabilities, especially individuals
with the most severe disabilities.

Deadline(s): 04/01/2008
Established Date: 02/12/2008
Follow-Up Date: 02/01/2009
Review Date: 02/22/2008

Contact: Donna Nangle

Address: 400 Maryland Ave., SW
Room 6029, PCP
Washington, DC 20202
E-mail: donna.nangle@ed.gov
Web Site:

Tel: 202-245-7462
Deadline Ind: Receipt

Deadline Open: No
*See Restrictions for further information.

The pre-application meeting is February 25, 2008.

Award Type(s): Centers, Research/Service
Information Dissemination
Technical Assistance
Training/Professional Development

Citizenship/Country of Applying Institution:
Any/No Restrictions

Locations Tenable: U.S.A. Institution (including U.S. Territories)

Appl Type(s): For-Profit
Indian Tribes/Governing Orgs.
Private Institution/Organization
Public Institution
State/Local Agencies
Educational Organizations/Inst.

Target Group(s): NONE
Funding Limit: $350,000 MAXIMUM
Duration: 5 YEAR(s)
Indirect Costs: Yes
Cost Sharing: Yes
Sponsor Type: Federal

Geo. Restricted: NO RESTRICTIONS

CFDA#: 84.133Aû6

This particular DRRP program focuses on vocational rehabilitation
service models for individuals with autism spectrum disorders

Eligible applicants include: States; public or private agencies,
including for-profit agencies; public or private organizations,
including for-profit organizations; IHEs; and Indian tribes and tribal

The sponsor plans on making one award of $350,000 for five years
(60 months). Cost sharing is required by 34 CFR 350.62 and will be
negotiated at the time of the grant award.

Sources: Federal Register (02/01/08), Vol.73, No.22, (pp. 6162-6);
Grants.gov, 02/01/08. (edl)