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Funding Opportunities: Full-Service Community Schools Program

February 27, 2008 in Funding Opportunities

Program Number:  95884
Title:           Full-Service Community Schools Program

Sponsor:         Office of Innovation and Improvement/Department of Education

Full-service community schools provide comprehensive academic,
social, mental, physical, and vocational programs and services to meet
individual, family, and community needs. This priority will support
projects that propose to establish, through collaborative efforts
among State and local agencies, community service organizations, and
parents, full-service community schools offering a range of student services.

Deadline(s):     04/15/2008
Established Date: 02/15/2008
Follow-Up Date:  02/01/2009
Review Date:     02/22/2008

Contact:         Jill Staton

Address:         400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Room 4W215
Washington, DC 20202-
E-mail:          FSCS@ed.gov
Web Site:

Tel:             202-401-2492
Deadline Ind:    Receipt

Deadline Open:   No

The pre-application meeting is March 12, 2008. The notices of intent
to apply are due March 17, 2008, but are not required. Full
applications are due April 15, 2008.

Award Type(s):   General Project

Citizenship/Country of Applying Institution:
Any/No Restrictions

Locations Tenable:   U.S.A. Institution (including U.S. Territories)

Appl Type(s):    Educational Organizations/Inst.
Organizations–Community/Soc. Serv.
Private Institution/Organization
Public Institution
State/Local Agencies

Target Group(s): NONE
Funding Limit:   $415,000  AVERAGE
Duration:        60 MONTHS
Indirect Costs:  Unspecified
Cost Sharing:    No
Sponsor Type:    Federal

Geo. Restricted: NO RESTRICTIONS

CFDA#:           84.215J

Applicants must propose a project based on scientifically based
research–as defined in section 9101(3) of the ESEA–that establishes
or expands an FSCS. An FSCS is a public elementary or secondary school
that coordinates with community-based organizations and public or
private entities to provide students, their families, and the
community with access to comprehensive services.

These services may include:
1. Early childhood education;
2. Remedial education and academic enrichment activities;
3. Programs that promote parental involvement and family literacy
4. Mentoring and other youth development programs;
5. Parenting education and parent leadership;
6. Community service and service learning opportunities;
7. Programs that provide assistance to students who have been
truant, suspended, or expelled;
8. Job training and career counseling services;
9. Nutrition services;
10. Primary health and dental care;
11. Mental health counseling services;
12. Adult education, including instruction of adults in English as
a second language.
Each applicant must propose to provide at least three of the
services listed at each participating full-service elementary or
secondary school.

Eligible applicants under this competition are consortia consisting
of a local educational agency and one or more community-based
organizations, non-profit organizations, or other public or private
entities. Consortia must comply with the provisions governing group
applications in 34 CFR 75.127 through 75.129 of EDGAR.

The sponsor estimates the total available funds to be $4,912,650,
ranging from $75,000-$500,000 with an average award size of $415,000.
The sponsor anticipates making eight to twelve awards of up to 60
months in duration.

Sources: Federal Register 02/15/08, Vol. 73, No. 32, pp. 8983-8;
Grants.gov, 02/15/08. (edl)