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CEHD A Hub for Innovations in Classroom Technology

The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) at the University of Louisville has installed the largest podcast server in the state as a service project, and it’s available to Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) schools and CEHD faculty.
Steve Swan

Each school is given its own space on the server to post its classroom work, promotional materials about the school, and news items. Viewers can subscribe to an RSS feed that links to the school of their choice and will receive a message each time new material is posted by the school.

Steve Swan, an instructional technology instructor at the CEHD, is heading the project. “Any school district that wishes to use the CEHD podcast server as part of its STLP, can have access through the state network. Many of the schools who have access to the server have set up outstanding learning environments for their students,” said Swan.

For example, several Jefferson County Public Schools use Knowledge Forum software to implement the Computer Supported International Learning Environment, a communication network among students and teachers that can be used for class discussion.

The CEHD is also in the process of having SMART™ Boards installed in every classroom in the building. “With this new technology, people are only limited by their imaginations. It is exciting and more engaging for teachers and students. Students are so technology-savvy today. The SMART™ Board technology and podcast server projects are only the beginning in keeping them connected in the classroom,” said Swan.