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How to Choose an Online Casino

June 14, 2013 in College News

How to Choose an Online Casino

Today, there are literally thousands of online casinos out there. Whether youre new to gambling or a seasoned veteran, it can be very hard to choose an online casino. Since there are so many, finding the best one for you is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Most online casinos are similar, but each has different games, options, payouts, bonuses, etc. You should do some research and look around before you make a decision.

Below are some things you should look for when choosing a casino:

Game Selection

Game selection is very important. Most casinos have a minimum of 20 or so games, but some have 100+. Obviously the more games the better, so look for casinos with a good selection of games.

But dont let this be the only factor in your decision: often times lower-quality casinos will have tons of games in order to attract customers, but their customer service, payouts, etc. are sub-par.

Customer Service

Customer service is important with any business, but especially with online casinos. When youre betting real money online, theres always a possibility of a computer crash, power outage, internet outage, etc.

If this happens and you have a bet pending, you want to have assurance that the customer service team at your casino will help you out and get everything worked out. All casinos will promise good customer service, so the only real way to find out how good a companys customer service is is to read reviews.


All online casinos must be profitable in the long run, so no casino pays out more than 100%. However, the higher the payout percentage the better off youll be. Most casinos dont advertise their payout percentages or tables, but you can usually find some information in casino reviews.

Anything that pays out less than 98% is probably not worth your time, especially if its for a game like video poker.


Almost every casino these days offer bonuses for you. They are very different from casino to casino. Ive seen bonuses as low as 10% and as high as 600%.

The most common type of bonus is a signup or deposit bonus. This is basically a matching bonus, meaning the casino will match your funds, usually around 50-200% of them.

Bonuses can be very tempting and attractive, but this shouldnt be your only decision factor. You must first of all read the terms of the bonus, as many deposit bonuses have ridiculous requirements.

Secondly, you need to look at the casino as a whole, and not just the bonuses they offer.

Software and Company

There are many different casinos out there, but theres only a few different kinds of software. Microgaming is a popular one, as are Rival Gaming and Playtech.

You should pay attention to what software a casino uses. You should also look at the company that owns the casino. Most of the casinos today are owned by a small number of larger companies.

You need to play at a casino that is owned by a reputable, large company that wont up and run if things start going bad.